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3 major trends of drinking water systems industries in 2020

In the second half of 2020, China's drinking water industry will show the following three new development trends:

•  Online and offline sales, live broadcast will become the new normal

At present, people stay longer at home. So most of them pay more attention to the safety and health of daily drinking water. According to data from Aowei Cloud, in the first four months of this year, unlike the bleak situation of offline retail, online retail sales of water purifiers increased by 28.88%. Retail sales increased by 15.19%. Consumers are more inclined to choose contactless online order and offline worry-free installation.

•  Technological innovation has become the internal driving force, and differentiated functional water purifier products become more and more popular.

As we all know, a major reason for the growth of the drinking water industry in the past two years is the serious homogeneity of products. Water purifying products with single functions can no longer meet the needs of consumers' requirements any more.

Fortunately, some drinking water companies have realized this key issue. Through core technology innovation, they have launched water purifier products with differentiated functions, which are loved by a large number of users. In this regard, Angel can be called an industry representative.

Unlike many water purifiers on the market that can only produce pure water, Angel has an original kitchen all-around water purifier with two core technologies of built-in full-effect reverse osmosis membrane and ACF composite filter element. It comprehensively solves the drinking water and water purification problems of residents in the kitchen scene. In addition to providing direct drinking water, safe and healthy water systems are also used in washing vegetables, washing fruits, washing dishes, washing rice, and boiling soup.

•  Whole house water purification, one-stop solution for drinking water will be a breakthrough weapon.

Nowadays, younger group, mainly the 80s and 90s are pursuing comfortable homes and focusing on the overall quality of life. They are also eager for clean water in the whole scene of the family, hoping to drink and use healthy water at any time.

nder this new consumption demand, drinking water industry will no longer manufacture a single water purifier as before. Systematically full-scenerydrinking water purifiers is the general trend in the second half of 2020.

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