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Eternal New Material Industrial Co.,Ltd. adhere to the "quality first, the user experience first", "focus on credibility," the purpose of the establishment of a wide range of good relations with China and foreign customers.

Eternal New Material Industrial Co.,Ltd. is specialized in manufacturing all kinds of natural ceramic balls used by water purifying, water treatment, humidifier, purified faucets, bath showers and etc.

We invent ORP Water Ceramic Balls, Hydrogen Water Ceramic Balls, Microporous Anti Bacteria Ceramic Balls and Alkaline Water Mineralization Ceramic Balls in 2012 and get patents in 2015. Now we are the only factory making these items in China . Water Ceramic Balls are made of natural materials such as mineral clay, ORP ceramic materials, micro porous materials etc.


Corporate Headquarters

Jiahui Huanqiu Guangchang Building C Room 425,Beiyuan Street 548, Tianqiao District,Ji'nan City,Shandong Province, China
Contact Name:Mrs. ZHAO
Mobile Number:+86-13678826976




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