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The company has specialized experimental equipment, testing instruments, as well as specialized testing agencies to report.

Eternal New Material Industrial Co.,Ltd. laboratory construction completed in 2009, Successively and material research institute of shandong university and the university of jinan inorganic salt research institute cooperation and communication, and complete multiple areas of research and testing.

With experiment in muffle furnace, nitrogen protection kiln, forming machine, roll grinding machine, mixer, chemical analyzer, and water quality testing instrument variety: PH meter, TDS detector, ORP meter, hydrogen content and instrument, negative ion detector, viscosity detector, accurate weight tester and so on.

Eternal New Material Industrial Co.,Ltd. every year and the third party lab for data comparison, and not on a regular basis will study this laboratory personnel assignment of other bodies.

Eternal New Material Industrial Co.,Ltd. uphold the responsible attitude to customers, strict attitude to oneself, to complete a large amount of test work for many years, has construction into a strong technical force, advanced detection means, good laboratory work environment.

Jiahui Huanqiu Guangchang Building C Room 425,Beiyuan Street 548, Tianqiao District,Ji'nan City,Shandong Province, China
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