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Eternal New Material Industrial Co.,Ltd. is a company specializing in the production of water purification materials and industrial products. For example, water treatment ball series, refractory heat storage ball series, chemical packing ball series, grinding ball series, etc.. Advanced materials processing system and molding equipment, testing methods are very complete, production technology, advanced, systematic, rigorous style of work, product quality and stability.

Eternal New Material Industrial Co.,Ltd. to product quality to survive, to product development, to ensure the production of products in line with the design quality.


The products listed below are part of ZHQGY

ORP Water Negative Potential Ceramic Ball

Icroporous Anti-bacterial Ceramic Ball Improved

Hydrogen Water Ceramic Ball


Far Infrared Mineralization Water Ceramic Balls

Nano Silver Anti-bacterial Ceramic Ball

Maifan Stone Ball


Water Treatment Chlorine Removal Calcium Sulfite Ceramic Ball

Improved Maifan Stone Alkaline Water Pearl Calcium Ceramic Ball

Kangen Water Filter Ceramic Disc


Magnetic Energy Ceramic Ball

Tourmaline Ceramic Ball

White Mineralized Ball




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