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Tourmaline Ceramic Ball

Application: water treatment and water filtration materials. Suitable for large water plant, household water purifier filter element, shower, bathtub, etc..

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Tourmaline ceramic ball is formulated with far infrared mineralization material and tourmaline material, heated at 860 degree. It can release 0.06mA bioelectricity which are similar to human body's biological.

Color: Dark Gray
Shape: Spherical
Size: 2mm-3mm/4mm-5mm/5mm-6mm/6mm-7mm/8mm-10mm
Standard: Positive And negative Error 0.1mm-1mm
Service Life: 6 Months to 1Years
Packing: Plastic Woven Bag
Weight: 25 kg / Bag, Outside Ton Bag, 40 Bags / Ton Bag
Delivery Cycle: Spot Supply. Order Quantity And Delivery Time 10 Days




Grey color spherical balls


Tourmaline, Crystal quartz, Titanium oxide, zirconium oxide, mineral clay etc

Hardness %


Compression N


Specific Area cm2/g

>0.5*10 4

Specific Density g/cm3


Bulk Density


Peak width at half height (Hz)


Far-infrared emission rate (%)


Far-infrared wavelengths (um)


Far-infrared bacteriostatic rate(%)


Advantages: Tourmaline ceramic balls have functions as following:

1) Activate water and make 0.02 molecules water
2) Ever-lasting eradiate negative ions
3) More than 97% FIR (far infrared ray) with spectrum of 2~18um
4) making alkaline water
5) Tourmaline balls could remove foul taste and smell and make sweet water
6) absorbing micro particles and microorganisms
7) Tourmaline ceramic balls could also produce negative ions.

Due to reliable and ever lasting purifying and activation factions, tourmaline ceramic balls are widely used in many fields as following:

1) Water purifying
2) Water treatment
3) Water Dispenser
4) Cosmetics
5) Bath etc.





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